Cuddle Tips

Why Every Girl Needs a Cuddle Companion

One of the main advantages of a relationship or marriage is the opportunity to enjoy wonderful cuddling. Your partner should be your regular cuddle companion. A relationship can become very boring without regular cuddling. In fact, some relationships and marriages end up in divorce as a result of lack of cuddling. Cuddling is so essential…

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Why Everyone Needs Cuddle Therapy

Ever wonder what cuddle therapy is all about? This type of therapy is touch-based therapy based on the benefits that cuddling can provide. Professional cuddle services are being offered all over the world, as an alternative therapy. All cuddle services are completely platonic, and clients must fill out plenty of paperwork prior to services. Many…

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Sex Buddies: Everything You Need to Know

What is a sex buddy? Basically, it’s a friend with benefits—A friend or casual acquaintance you have an arrangement with to have sex with, but no romantic attachment. More and more people are open to the idea of a casual sex-based relationship, without emotional attachment. People are busier than ever, and traditional relationships are not…

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Naked Cuddling Positions that Lead to Sex

Cuddling is a healthful way to get physically closer to your partner. It promotes a safe, intimate space. Cuddling has been proven to have amazing health benefits, but it’s also an incredibly sexy way to spend time together. Along with health benefits, cuddling easily leads to sex. Couples that have regular sex are more likely…

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9 Things to Avoid with a Snuggle Buddy

So, you have made the choice to find a snuggle buddy. You want someone to cuddle with, but keeping that boundary between snuggle buddy and something else entirely stark can be difficult. For people who do not want a romantic relationship or all the stress of a romantic relationship, having someone specifically to cuddle with…

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